Hospital Advisors

We have several treatments available to help you quit smoking. You can easily book an appointment to visit us at our clinic.

Being treated in hospital but still smoking?

Giving up smoking before any planned hospital treatment is the most effective thing you can do to speed up your recovery, even stopping smoking once you have been admitted can shorten your hospital stay. 

Our hospital advisors offer free, confidential advice and support through their weekly clinics and inpatient service. Stop smoking medications can be arranged while you are in hospital helping you avoid the long walk outside to find a smoking area.

Will help be provided once i’m discharged?

The Tower Hamlets stop smoking service offers specialist support for people who may find it harder to stop smoking, particularly if you are house bound, have a long-term physical and or mental health condition or have tried to quit a number of times before.

Support can be provided on a one-to-one basis or if you feel you would benefit from the support of other smokers then stop smoking support groups may be your preferred option. Our specialist service has high success rates and is particularly effective with highly dependent smokers.

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