About Our Team

The Quit Right Tower Hamlets team comprises of fully qualified health and tobacco cessastion professionals. Together, they have helped thousands of individuals from Tower Hamlets quit smoking and tobacco related products for good!

Shamsia Begum

Service Manager

Shamsia is a Level 3 trained practitioner and has worked with the service for 17 years. She has Public Policy background and responsible for the changing shape of the service from a research project to culturally sensitive service targetting all members of the community. She is also a Healthy diet and nutrition advisor and responsibe for day to day management and strategic plans for the service.

Farah Desai

Pregnancy Smoking Cessation Practitioner 

Farah has been working in the pregnancy service for the last five years and in general smoking cessation for 17 years.  She works closely with Barts Health and Midwives to support women who smoke during pregnancy 

Dipul Ghosh

Tobacco Cessation Practitioner

Dipul has been with the service for 15 years as practitioner providing support to GP Practice patients. Another star recruiter always there to support a quit attempt.

Kamrun Nahar

Tobacco Cessation Practitioner

Working for in tobacco cessation for the last nine years in smokeless tobacco and outreach. Kamrun was previously a Health Trainer and has brought a lot motivation and enthusiasm to the service. 

Shajue Begum

Tobacco Cessation Practitioner

Shajue has been with the project for nine years bringing her health trainer experience to our services and advising them on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while quitting. She also supports smokeless tobacco users and those who have MH and SMI.

Emma Montero

Tobacco Cessation Practitioner

One of the newer members of the team, Emma brings years of experience with her having previously worked as a tobacco cessation specialist and provides one to one advice to patients and support to help them quit smoking.

Sabir Ahmed

Communications and Administrative Officer

Sabir brings with him a wealth of experience having worked across various industries and has a background in marketing and communications. Sabir manages our service referrals and resource content.

Sabir is the first point of contact for a referral and he can quickly work allocate you to the next avalaible practitioner.

What we care about

Timely Support

When you are ready to quit smoking or tobacco related products, we want to be there to help you on your journey.  


Our research spanning almost two decades has helped us identity key factors that help individuals quit tobacco.


We want to use the latest technological advances to help you quit smoking. E-cigarettes have proven to be a safer alternative.


Our professional team values diversity. We know that no one person is the same. We try to offer tailored support that’s just right for you.

Latest News

Catch up with the latest developments from Quit Right Tower Hamlets team.

Changes To Our Twitter Account

Changes To Our Twitter Account

Queen Mary University London is now the Stop Smoking provider for Newham and Waltham Forest as well as Tower Hamlets. Residents in all three boroughs can access all the help they need to quit smoking. Our service is still free of charge and is open to anyone aged...

Quit Right TH protecting smokers from COVID-19

Quit Right TH protecting smokers from COVID-19

In light of the spread of COVID-19 Quit Right Tower Hamlets have stopped face-to-face stop smoking and smokeless tobacco consultation and started telephone and online support. It is still vitally important that we help smokers to quit because smoking harms the immune...

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