Our Success Stories

We help hundreds of people every year quit smoking. Have a look at some of our recent success stories.

Today is the best time to quit! – Lisa Gilroy

We know that it can be difficult to quit smoking, and every failed quit attempt makes it that much harder. 

Lisa managed to quit thanks to Quit Right and her advisor Shamsia. She realised quitting on her own wasn’t working, so she seeked help from her local stop smoking service and managed to quit successfully. 

She’s now enjoying her lesiure time going to the gym and keeping fit. Well done, Lisa!

No matter what stage you’re at in your smoking journey, it’s never too late to stop smoking…..and you’re up to four times more likely to quit successfully with support.

I’m now smokefree! – Vernon Maxwell

Vernon was referred to the stop smoking service through his GP. He knew he had to do something to give up and he was determined to do it.

Through his motivation along with his advisors, Vernon managed to successfully quit for good! 

The first step is knowing you need help. Going cold turkey is not always the best option. With help and support you’re more likely to give up for good!

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