Bespoke Workshops

We provide free health and wellbeing workshops for employers and their staff in Tower Hamlets

What is involved in the workshop?

If you are interested in providing a workshop for your company/staff, Quit Right are able to facilitate this service for you. Our support for one-off health and wellbeing events is free of charge and we hope to encourage people to attend our sessions within Tower Hamlets and at their GP Surgeries .

The service is free of charge for anyone who lives or works in Tower Hamlets. So anyone who is interested, will be able to use to service for free if they choose to sign up to the programme. The workshop itself will provide staff with more information such as:

  • Dangers of smoking
  • The health benefits of stopping smoking
  • Carbon monoxide tests
  • What products are available, including NRT, Champix and E-cigerettes
  • Promoting the quit smoking support programme and the support that is available via Quit Right. 

What if our staff members want to sign up to the programme?

The service provides a range of tailored support to its clients. Individuals who want to give up smoking are given an 6-8 eight week support program based on dependency. The program involves weekly face to face meetings with one of our stop smoking practitioners who will help staff set goals, offer behavioural support and the latest medication to support your quit attempt.

What if I want a bespoke workshop at our office for all staff to attend?

If you would like a bespoke ‘in-house’ option for your employees we can provide a comprehensive 8 week group session, provided we have commitment from 10 or more members of staff.

The program is run for 1 hour during lunch time or a time suitable for your company which would run for eight weeks. For a quotation or for futher information, please get in touch with us via the link below. 

Get In Touch.

If you are interested in working together, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!