We have several treatments available to help you quit smoking. You can easily book an appointment to visit us at our clinic.

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Traditionally there is a high smoking prevalence within LGBT communities. Lesbian, gay and bisexual youth are twice as likely to smoke a cigarette before they are 13 years old. About one in four lesbian, gay and bisexual adults smoke cigarettes, compared to one in six heterosexual adults. A contributing factor is stress due, in part, to discrimination which LGBT groups can experience with their sexual and gender identities being less valued, rewarded or supported. Some LGBT people may feel less comfortable accessing generic smoking cessation services. That is where Quit Right Tower Hamlets comes in to ensure it is accessible to everyone, whatever background you are from.

Are one-to-one sessions available?

The simple answer is – yes, we do. All our sessions are are run by specialist practitioners who have received intensive training in supporting people to quit. They have many years of experience between them to help you quit in an enviroment comfortable for you. Alternatively, if you would like to attend with friends, your partner or family members who want to quit, or to simply provide moral support, we would be happy to see you together at the same appointment.

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