Young People

We have several treatments available to help you quit smoking. You can easily book an appointment to visit us at our clinic.

Quit while you’re still young! 

Most people start smoking and become addicted to nicotine when they are still children. Those whose parents or siblings smoke are around three times more likely to smoke than children living in non-smoking households.  Children who start smoking at the youngest ages are more likely to smoke heavily and find it harder to give up. These smokers are at the greatest risk of developing smoking related diseases.

Although around three quarters of teenagers in England report that they have never smoked, among those who do experiment with smoking many become addicted to nicotine and continue to smoke as adults.

How can quit right help me? 

On average, someone who smokes a pack or more of cigarettes each day lives 7 years less than someone who never smoked. Our specialist advisors are trained to provide advice, support and prescribe products which includes NRT as well advice on E-cigs. 

I work for a school/youth organisation, how do I refer someone to your service?

The service will make and maintain a close working relationships with all local secondary schools, pupil referral units and youth services and ensure that there is a clear referral pathway for young people to access smoking cessation support. Information packs can be provided to school nursing teams on how to support and refer young people to the service. You can refer someone to the service simply by clicking on the contact us button below. 

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