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Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to ensure your journey with Quit Right Tower Hamlets leads to you successfully quitting smoking for good.

What are the health risks of smoking?

Smoking and tobacco use are the single largest causes of preventable death and illness worldwide. In the UK, around 100,000 people die from smoking each year, with much more developing smoking-related illnesses.

How can Quit Right help?

Quit Right Tower Hamlets stop smoking service provides a 8-week support program for smokers and smokeless tobacco users who wish to quit.

Our expert advisors have many years of experience helping highly dependent tobacco users.

We combine state-of-the-art medication with expert support in group and one-to-one settings, giving you the best chance of becoming tobacco-free.

What treatments are available?

Quit Right Tower Hamlets stop smoking service can help you. We provide expert advice, support, and nicotine replacement treatment (NRT) and e-cigarettes. Using our programme will increase your chances of becoming tobacco-free.